Hey Sheepy Sheep – here’s what on the radar for this week:
* Black Sheep Women’s Training (Monday, May 29) – BSW are holding a training at 3pm in Fog Lane Park before DUFFA. Open to all whether you intend to play with Sheep for Tour or not – the more, the merrier! https://www.facebook.com/events/434378266920830/
* Black Sheep Open Training (Monday, May 29) – the fellas are also having training in Fog Lane at 3pm. We’re not as organized so no FB event, but be there or be a quadrilateral. 😉
(Two separate trainings – one combined pub session afterwards!)
* DUFFA – as you probably gathered, it will be on Monday starting at 5pm.
* Social stuff – big thanks to Christoph for organising a flock of Sheep to hit up Odd Bar last Thursday for beers and 50% off food!