(Very belated weekly update – I blame all the aches and pains from a great Tour weekend!)

#1 > Training is ON this Sunday… 3pm at Fog Lane, with Duffa-licious pickup fun afterwards.

#2 > Big thanks to Christoph and everyone for the sticker fund-raising appeal. From Christoph’s raising the idea Wednesday, we pulled it off in three days – receiving £138.02 (and a huge number of ‘wow – great idea!’ comments). Go Sheep go!

#3 > Right – Tour… Nottingham was its normal blustery, windy, challenging place to play… it made for lots of ‘interesting’ throws, and rewarded intense defense and consistent, safe throws.

Black Sheep Women: On Saturday, the Sheep Women only played Liverpool and Glasgow. They came out strong against Liverpool, but they’d already had a chance to gel and took it away in the end. Glasgow were seeded 9th overall and although the team lost by a fair margin, the Sheep Women managed to turn them over a number of times during some lengthy points.

On Sunday, the Sheep played Reading 2 who were grossly under-seeded. Nonetheless it was a fun, if frustrating, upwind/downwind game. Swift 2 proved to be a very enjoyable and evenly-matched competitor, with both teams putting in upwind points but Sheep came away victorious! Hydra 2 was a tough match as both teams were looking a little unfocused after a game off. In the end, Hydra’s experience came through and Sheep finished 18th overall.

Black Sheep 2: This tour was all about bonding – forging a deeper chemistry for Tours 2 and 3. A tough pool saw losses to the Lemmings and a good 8 point showing against pool winners EMO2. Sunday saw the pay-off as the team lost close games to Manchester 2 (14-10) and Reading 2 (13-10) and beating a tough Flyght 2 squad 8-4 – finishing 54th.

Black Sheep 1: Shook off an opening loss to a vastly under-seeded Purple Cobras to win 15-1 against Jest We Forget and rallied hard from a 5-2 deficit to push past Brixton 11-8. Day 2 saw the squad beat a super fun Irish team Ballincollig then lose in universe point against Lemmings (amazing game). Starting out slow against Mythago, BLKSHP1 bounced back from a 3-0 deficit to eek out a tough 12-10 win vs. a young and fast Mythago to finish 43rd.

Onward to Tour 2!