Lots of important deadlines this week Sheep, so read on:

KIT ORDER 2017: From our kit guru Alex Salmon, your chance to order kit is coming THIS WEEK FOR ONE WEEK ONLY!!
  • Stay tuned for all the details and how to order.
  • (Seriously – in order for kit to be delivered for Mixed Tour 1, there will a tight deadline. You’ll need to place your order ASAP.)
PAGANELLO 2017: Want to play three days of beach disc with unforgettable parties? Last week to sign up for Paganello – click here (or talk to Ant): https://www.facebook.com/events/106451793194108/
INDOOR TRAINING: this Saturday from 2pm to 5pm at Platt Lane. Last chance to get ready for COIN and CWIN!
PS. And the beer? Just found out that ordering a ‘333’ beer in Vietnam in pronounced ‘ba, ba, ba’… how Sheepy cool is that? Bonus points if you order 3 x 333s – then you get to say ‘Ba ba ba ba’ 🙂

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