“Ewe, I herd it through the Sheep-vine…” that the OGM and BTW this past weekend kicked butt (or bum for you Brits).

Great turnout, great feedback, and the club’s primed for a sweet 2017 season.

What’s up this week?

* Outdoor training – 10-1 at Fog Lane.

* CXIN – Mixed Indoor Nationals: Best of luck to our plucky Sheep – if you fancy heading down to heckle/support, it’s relatively nearby in Derby.

* Black Sheep Junior Indoor Training: March 18th (2-4pm), the Sheep will put on a training at Hazel Grove. Any students can register by using the following link and filling in this form:


* GB Junior Women’s training sessions: open to any junior women 13-19, the Sheep will be helping GB run the session at Hazel Grove in Manchester.

This session is open to players of all levels, with those new to the sport especially welcome to attend.

Date: Saturday 25th March 10am-1pm
Venue: Hazel Grove Sports Centre (Indoors)
Price £10
Sign up link: http://goo.gl/v8D3X6

Any questions? Let Chris Phang know, or direct them to blacksheepjuniors at gmail.com.