IMP’T: Training change! Non-BTW trainings are now on Sundays at 3pm (pre-Duffa) at Fog Lane. We’ll do some drills and skills work, then a game until Duffa starts. #onedaytwicetheultimate

Tour results: 3 plucky flocks/mobs/hurdles* of Sheep headed to Cardiff. Much ultimate was played and heckles made – and at the end of it all, Black Sheep 1 climbed seven spots to finish 28. Flock and Mob finished 54 and 56 but had some epic games, including a fantastic Sheep derby that went a half hour over cap – thanks to a powerful Mob comeback.

Ceilidh for Charity: Definitely on – plan is to meet at the Beer Studio at 7pm for a beer or two, then head over.

* Seriously, hurdle is a word for a group – along with drove, down, fold, pack, and trip: