What an awesome weekend at a surprisingly non-rainy Durham for Mixed Tour 2!

Two teams and 35 Sheepy-Sheep headed north – much fun was had, layouts accomplished, and (most importantly) heckles made.


* Black Sheep 1 went 2-1 on the first day, including overcoming a 7-4 deficit with a 9 point run to beat the Cosmic Manatees. An awesome victory against Jabba the Huck guaranteed the Sheep’s first ever Top 16 finish at, well, #16.

* Black Sheep 2 rebounded nicely from a highly under-seeded Flyght Club to beat Sneeky’s Light on universe point. Classic case where the team’s results didn’t show the improvement – we played some great ultimate through the weekend, finishing with a one or two point loss against Sneeky’s Light.

(Spirit scores still haven’t been released.)

IMPT: No training this bank holiday weekend – we wanted to give everyone some time off to recuperate. There’s always Duffa is you fancy a bit of a throwaround 5pm Sunday at Fog Lane.