* In honour of 31 Sheep heading to Pagenello – this bullet should be read to everyone’s favourite Italian song: ‘O sole miiiiio – no training this weekend… we’ve got 31 a’ Sheep – gonn’ to Ital-a-lay.” (Translation? No training this weekend – but DUFFA will be going at 5pm if you want a frisbee fix.)

* Ceilidh Awesomeness – a Baker’s Dozen Sheep hit up the charity ceilidh, raising £104 for local food shelter. No pics survive of the entire group – but the normally reserved Canadrian called it ‘Best time ever!’ (Missed it? We’ll be doing this again in a couple of months.)

* Sign up for Women’s and Open Tour – We are CHANGING our sign-up process for Open & Women’s Tour this season. If you want to play with Black Sheep in either division, you will now need to fill in the relevant Google form below.

Open: http://bit.ly/2nVaEbl
Women’s: http://bit.ly/2oYkJZA

* Kit order – the 2nd wave… details are still be ironed out but you’ll get a chance to order more fab Five Sheep kit in the next couple of weeks.