Lots of exciting notices this week.

Numero uno: Big Training Weekend! We will be having our final Big Training Weekend of the year this Saturday and Sunday at Wythenshawe Park. Silly hats are encouraged, not least because it makes me and my ginormous bobble feel less ridiculous. Details are here: https://www.facebook.com/events/265229960663139/

Numero dos: Christmas social! Check out the menu here: https://www.facebook.com/events/135953407059511/
Not coming for food, but fancy a drink later? Keep an eye on the event on the night, and people will post up where we’re heading afterwards; likely to go up around 9-9.30pm.

Numero tres: Secret Santa! Bring a £5 present to the Christmas social. Get a £5 present back. Boom.

Numero cuatro: Frisbee Freezy! Our Junior Hat Tournament is back on Sunday 17th December at Hazel Grove School. If you know a Junior who might want to join in (experience not necessary!) then info is here: http://blacksheepultimate.co.uk/frisbee-freezy-2017/

Numero cinco: Kit! Katie Bottomley is working hard on kit-related things this week. Expect an exciting post to go out next week; just in time for you to write your letter to the real Santa who’s not Ant.

That’s all for now! Fleece Navidad.