Orders close Sunday 9th February!

Orders for Black Sheep Ultimate Kit for the 2019-2020 season are now open!

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This page contains all the information regarding this season’s kit order; now offering Brand New LOOKFLY Kit! The links at the bottom of the page will allow you to submit your order.

Please read and become familiar with all the segments of this page.


Lookfly offer a large variety of kit; Black Sheep branded Jerseys, different types of Shorts, Outerwear and more!

In this order, we will only be offering on-pitch items. In order to do justice to the incredible customisation options Lookfly offer on their off-pitch items, we want to take the time to come up with some sweet new designs to part you with your hard earned cash.

Look out for those coming in a second order due Summer 2020 (and start saving those pennies).

There will be multiple options for each kit item:

  • Jerseys – Do you prefer the crisp, clean style of the simple sub? Or are the awesome full sub designs just the right amount of ‘extra’ for you? How much sleeve do you need – short, long (simple sub only) or none?
  • Shorts – What’s your style? Stretchy ‘Hex’-y? Water repellent ‘Micro’? Or perhaps the thigh-teasing ‘Shorty’? Pick your fav, or grab a selection!

All types of Jerseys are colour matched to their respective strips; the Blue of the Fully Sublimated Home Jersey is the same as the Blue of the Simple Sub Jersey.


Orders through our order form will be open until Sunday 9th February.  With a  payment deadline of midnight on Sunday 9th February too (for payments into the Black Sheep Ultimate bank account).

From there, funds will be transferred to the manufacturer, who will begin printing once everything (player details, cash, print design, etc) has been triple checked and approved.

The kit is expected to be in the Committee’s hands after 6 weeks. You can expect to be able to collect your kit in time for XR1 (not guaranteed, as the manufacturing process is out of our direct control).

IMPORTANT: If any item DOES NOT meet the minimum order quantity (MOQ) by the deadline, the Committee will give you an option to either pay the extra cost and keep your order, or you can choose to remove the items from your order.


We’ve created an Order Form to place your order. Please refer to the Price List  for the pricing of items and note that Lookfly have arranged some sweet bundle deals for us!

If you want to take advantage of a bundle deal, please make sure you select the bundle on the order form, otherwise you won’t get the discount.

All prices on our Price List and Order Form include all shipping charges.


You can find Lookfly’s sizing charts on their website .

Some club members may have Lookfly kit you could try on if you would like to check your size before you buy!


Within the Order Form, each item will allow you to select your size (and item type in the bundles). Once complete, you will see a table summarising the details of your order (items, quantities, sizes, etc).

You’ll also be able to select your player number to be printed on your shirt! Please check this numbers list of numbers currently held by players. We are operating within numbers 1 to 99 this year. If you currently do not have a Black Sheep Player Number, choose an open one from the list and add your name. If there is a specific number you would like which already has a name next to it, please get in touch with Katie to see if there is the possibility of it being released.

Once submitted, you won’t be able to edit these forms so please double-check that you’re entering your details correctly. You’ll also be emailed a copy for your reference.

If you make a mistake in submitting or if you change your mind, please contact the Black Sheep Committee first. Do not submit 2 orders!

We will request your payment (as shown at the end of the Order Form) into the Black Sheep Ultimate bank account by Sunday 9th February.



1.) Choose your gear within the Order Form.
1.1) If you want numbered items and you have not got a number yet, refer to the numbers list to see which numbers are still available.
1.2) Not sure of your size? Check the sizing charts.

2.) Pay the total amount by Sunday 9th February.
2.1) Black Sheep’s bank details will be shown at the end of the Order Form and in your email.
2.2) Please only submit your Order Form once! If you make a mistake in submitting or if you change your mind, please contact the Black Sheep Committee first. Do not submit 2 orders!

3.) Get ready for some awesome kit winging its way to you very soon!


If you have any questions, contact the Committee in person or via the Contact page.

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